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Rhonda Rhea

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. Those are the five stages of going up a dress size. And for the record, that last one is not a certainty.

I just tried on everything in my closet. I squeezed out of one and into another, wormed out of that one and back into the next. I shook my head in the mirror, wondering why every stinkin’ thing in my entire closet made me look fat. That’s when I had a sudden and oh so abysmal realization: It’s not the clothes in my closet making me look fat. It’s this fat that’s making me look fat.

I consider myself a positive person. But I have to admit that keeping my chin up is a lot more challenging now that I have more than one. These days keeping my chin(s) up, is more like juggling. And at the same time, there’s jiggling. Jiggling and juggling. There’s a thought that’ll send me through another round of at least four of the five stages.

In truth, though, keeping your chin up is not so much about where you keep your chin or “chins,” as the case may be. No, it’s not about the chins at all. It’s about the eyes. Keeping our eyes on Jesus, focusing on everything eternal, will bring us right back around to everything that’s truly positive—everything that will always truly count.

“Count” as in, “have great significance or importance.” Not count as in determining the number of chins. That’s another subject to juggle. Sometimes in four to five stages.

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