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Bob Hostetler

I learned a lot from my mother, though her life on this earth ended soon after my fourteenth birthday. Such as how to pretend that fish sticks are made of real food. How to give to people without them even knowing it (see my article in the current issue of The War Cry.) And more. So, in her honor—and in honor of all mothers—ten things I learned from my mother:

10. If I keep crossing my eyes, they’re gonna freeze like that

9. Don’t talk to strangers

8. Say hello to the nice man

7. My parents weren’t window makers

6. I wasn’t born in a barn

5. It’s not polite to talk with my mouth full

4. Look both ways before crossing the street

3. There are plenty of other fish in the sea

2. I should clean my plate, because people are starving in Africa

And the number one thing I learned from my mother . . .

1. Just wait until Dad gets home!

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