Renae Brumbaugh

It was time for our family to replace our carpet. Actually, it was time to get new carpet the day we moved in nearly six years ago. The house is beautiful, but the carpet was old and stained.

But since we have two children and two dogs, who would only contribute to those stains, we decided to ignore them. We opt for dim lighting. Lots of candles, you know. We tell our guests it’s for ambience.

During our last cold spell, a log rolled out of our fireplace and onto our carpet. Sparks flew everywhere, burning big, ugly holes in the flooring. I called the insurance company. Long story short, I now have a check to help cover the cost of replacing my carpet. And the really great news is, we’re going to replace the carpet in all the bedrooms, too!

Mark and I took the kids to look at flooring options. Teen daughter wanted a bright pink shag. Ten-year-old son opted for astro-turf. This is why one should never take one’s children along to choose future home decor. Home Depot should have a holding pen, so we can check in our children at the door, make our selections, and pick them up sometime after the remodeling project is complete.

Despite our children’s protests, we selected flooring that makes Mama happy. Hardwood in the living room! The bedrooms, I’m happy to say, will get a nice, neutral beige.

All this to say, you never know when a bad thing will turn into something good. God sometimes allows bad things into our lives to pave the way for good things down the road. In the dark, scary moments, we can know He’s working toward something beautiful in our lives.

Something even better than a new hardwood floor.

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