Jeanette Levellie

Which of this list would you consider little?

1. Your cat or dog is losing weight, and you don’t have money to take her to the vet?
2. You aren’t losing weight, even though you’ve cut back on sweets and second helpings?
3. Your grass is dying from the record heat and drought this summer?
4. Your will to exercise is dying from the record heat and drought this summer?

Would you pray for any or all of the above? Why or why not?

One of my goals in writing Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top was to help friends overcome the erroneous idea that God only cares about big things in our lives. Yet, what is big to God? And what is little to God?

Since He cared enough to send Jesus to die in our place and purchase us for God’s family with His sinless blood, how much more will He care for us now that we are in His family? Surely everything that concerns us, also touches His father’s heart.

Never think that the trifles in your life are unimportant to the Lord. He is always thinking about you, and wants to help you with every detail of your life. You are His child, and He cares for you. Bring Him all your concerns, not just the ones you think are big.

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