Bob Hostetler

Bob is an incredibly deep and spiritual person, who writes books with Josh McDowell, but he also has an shallow and slightly twisted side. Enjoy his latest Facebook posts:

Imitation is the sincerest form of leather.

I don’t have an eating disorder. I have a stopping disorder.

I want you to know when you talk, I TOTALLY pay attention. Wait, what were you saying?

Just installed a skylight. Now if the people who live upstairs would install one too, it sure would brighten the place.

I wonder if the Earth sometimes mocks other planets, saying, “Get a life!”

I make a mean cup of coffee. This one just called me stupid and ugly.

I always try to be sincere, whether I mean it or not.

It’s taken many years, but I’ve finally found a realistic, enjoyable pace in life. I call it “sleep.”

For the record, I think Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare. BUT I don’t think the Doobies were really brothers.

A moment of silence, please, for all those who talk too much.

Look, I figure if ur too old to even remember what u were talking about just a second ago, what’s for dinner? I’m getting hungry.

I’m self-employed. Except for the “employed” part.

People think I’m competitive, but I’m probably the LEAST competitive person in my family. In the WORLD. No–the UNIVERSE!

I’m FINALLY at my target weight. Now if I can just reach my target height.

I express my individuality by not having any piercings or tattoos. That’s right, I’m a wild one.

I’m not at all patronizing. If you’d like me to explain what that means, I will.

Dora, how old are u? It’s time u learn to check your OWN stinking backpack!

Police took a photo of me speeding and sent me a ticket in the mail. So I paid it with a photo of money.

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