About partnering with us

Hi, I’m Jim Watkins, the host of “Hope & Humor.” If this page was helpful, please . . .

a) tell a friend
b) link to it from your blog or Web site
c) save it as a favorite at delicious.com
d) recommend it to digg.com and StumbleUpon.com

If this page was really helpful, please . . .

e) consider a tax-deductible donation to this non-profit ministry through the church at which I serve as minister of communications. Please make your check or money order out to “The River Community Church,” earmark it “Minister of Communications,” and send to the address below. Sorry, we’re not able to accept credit cards at this time. (Do not include my name on the check.)

Minister of Communications
The River Community Church
759 South Lenfesty Avenue
Marion, Indiana 46952, USA

For a gift of any amount, I’ll email you an electronic copy of one of my latest (and most transparent) books: Squeezing Good Out of Bad. For every gift of $50 or more, I’ll send you an autographed copy of the book. Include your name, email address, mailing address, city/state/zip to receive your book and tax receipt.

Thanks for your consideration. And, most of all, thanks for your prayers!


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